Student Accounts: Week 6

As build season comes to a close, some of the members of Code Red Robotics took the time to reflect on their experiences from the past week, and their time on Code Red. Although the year is no where near done for us, as we prepare to travel to competitions and put finishing touches on strategies, many already feel nostalgic for its close. Here are some of those reflections:

News: How Ithaca high school team is building engineers of the future

The Ithaca Voice has an article online written by and republished with the permission of Ithaca Week, a weekly magazine produced by the students of the Advanced Multimedia Journalism class at the Roy H. Park School of Communications, Ithaca College.

Code Red Robotics: How Ithaca high school team is building engineers of the future


Thank You, Parents!

As build season draws to a close, the teams wanted to thank all of the Code Red families for their incredible and endless support. Thank you parents who have brought children to and from Code Red, provided students with delicious and healthy meals, and lent a hand with our events. We couldn't do this without you!
The entire team is very grateful to all of you!


Got light? LED lightbulbs for sale!

Cree LED lightbulbs

Did you know that the primary fundraiser for our team is selling energy-efficient LED lightbulbs?

Bulbs are expected to last 22+ years if used an average of three hours per day. They can be used outside as long as they are protected from rain and snow. They give off a soft light. They use a fraction of the energy that incandescents do. They come on right away and can be used under a lamp shade or in an enclosed fixture. They do not contain any heavy metals. They are made here in the U.S. by Cree, Inc.

Build Season Preview (Small article)- 1/9/15

Along with the new year, our Robotics season has begun. The much-anticipated kickoff occurred on Saturday, January 3rd, and the entire team is excited for our new challenge - a game consisting of stacking rectangular “totes” and recycling bins into towering piles on small platforms. To see the official FIRST kickoff video, click here. Since the game announcement, our team has been working hard at ideating and prototyping our designs.

CRR - Video Log #3

The third video of the year has been finished, detailing some things that have been going on at Code Red Robotics. Everyone has been working very hard on the robot, and it should be finished soon. One of our drive mentors, Anna Stern, introduces the team's coach. We also have a new position, the alliance coordinator, introduced by Noah Davis. ("Read More" for links.)